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City of Zabrze invites to:

16th International Scientific-Practical Conference

11-12 April 2019

Zabrze – Chain Stitch Bath, Królowa Luiza Adit, Wolności Street no. 410

Post-industrial heritage sites have been gaining more and more significant role in cultural tourism. Post-industrial tourism encompasses very diversified fields and branches of industry. Educational virtues seem to be one of the most crucial cognitive aspects of the group of sites. They gain unique values especially when being aimed at different age groups and constitute certain intergeneration bridge. It shapes not only national identity but enables the encounter with history, cultivation and preservation of traditions and post-industrial heritage, forging the appropriate social attitudes among the youngest ones and teenagers.

Another aspect of high importance of educational activity of sites and objects situated at the premises of historical monuments is the offer dedicated to teachers of different levels of education and academic lecturers at the universities. They influence upon the shape of national past identity, teach how to appreciate the historical potential and traditions associated with technological monuments, which sink into oblivion in many cases.

“Live history lessons”, cyclic thematic events and field, open air activities ( games, plays, competitions) including interactive teaching methods and modern means of communication gain a unique significance in educational actions offered by post-industrial sites.

The aim of the conference is to present the best practice as case studies from Poland and Europe. Among the speakers are the representatives of the following countries: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Germany and the partner country of the conference-Greece.

Experiences shared are aimed at wide spread collaboration. They are to enable creating citizen society, aware of its chances and possibilities of development, in which post-industrial cultural heritage plays a significant role.

The conference is organized under the auspices of Polish Chamber of Tourism, Polish Tourism Organisation and Coal Mining Museum.

You are warmly welcome to participate in the event.

Conference programme

11th April 2019

8.30-9.00 – Registration of the participants

9.00-9.45– Opening speeches of the guests

9.45-10.45 – Introduction panel

Aleksandra Chabiera, Heritage management Chief specialist -National Heritage Institute „Nothing grows without the roots. Why and how educate on heritage”

Agata Picheń-Kowalska- Muzeum Śląskie, „Heritage- what it is all about”

Beata Drynda Pędziwiatr, Education specialist at Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze

“Pedagogics of experience in life on the example of Królowa Luiza Adit complex”

10.30-10.45 – Coffee break

10.45-12.45 – Industrial Heritage Tourism and education,

Moderator prof. Tadeusz Burzyński –Katowice School of Economics, Deputy President of Tourist Sector Competence Board,

Robert Andrzejczyk, the President of Polish Tourism Organization, Jacek Janowski Director of National Tourism Promotion Department „ Functions and tourist values at post-industrial sites”.

Hubert Koper, Head of Tourist Information, Łódź Tourism Organization

“Tourist function of post-industrial sites in Łódź”

Maria Florou, Director of Industrial Gas Museum, Technopolis City of Athens

“Is it possible for tourist attraction to be educational”

Jakub Svrcek, Dolne Vitkovice-Czech Republic, „Educational activity in the post-industrial centre.”

Jacques Crul, Blegny mine Director, Jean-Louis Delaet, Bois du Cazier mine Director, Isabelle Sirjacobs, Scientific Director of Bois du Luc mine, Maryse Willems, Cultural and pedagogical Director:

“Four Main Mines of Wallonia, four pedagogical programmes: diversification and complementarity.”

Andrzej Szumowski, President of Polish Vodka Foundation

“About C2H5OH, that is education in Polish Vodka Museum”

12.45-14.15 Education, tradition, heritage
Moderator Dariusz Walerjański- historian, museologist of Coal Mining Museum.

Agnieszka Puszczewicz, Director of Croatian Tourist Community Branch in Warsaw:

“ Education at service of tradition”

Mária Jagnešáková, Director of Open Air Orava Museum in Slovakia

“Orava Forest Railway a monument of national culture-a unique technical exhibit of Slovakia. Innovative and educational actions supporting the development of tourism.”

Remigiusz Wierzbicki, Cracow Salt works Museum Wieliczka
„Salt heritage as actions inspiration at Cracow Salt works Museum Wieliczka”

Olga Seni , an architect National Technical University of Athens
„Educational activity of Cultural-Technological Park Lavrion”

Barbara Tekieli, journalist, tourism promotion expert
„Art and education in post-industrial space on the example of Cracow sites of culture”

Ryszard Rabski- The President of Museum of Oil and Gas Industry Foundation Board in Bóbrka

„Education actions at Museum of the first worldwide oil mine in Bóbrka”

14.15- 15.15 Debate – Education as an instrument of industrial heritage tourism promotion- Marek Durmała TVP3 i TVP Info presenter.

15.15-16.15 lunch

12 April 2019

10.00-11.30 Formal opening of 11th International Tourism Fair – MOSIR Hall, Matejki Street no. 6 , Zabrze

11.30-11.45 Transfer of the guests to Queen Louise(Królowa Luiza) Adit, Chain Stitch Bath, Wolności Street no.410

11.45 -12.00 Coffee break

12:00-14:00 Case study of education experience for industrial heritage tourism .

Moderator: Adam Hajduga- Head of the Industrial Heritage Promotion Department at the Marshall Office of the Silesia Province, Deputy President of the European Route of Industrial Heritage

Amy Benadiba Director of Lewarde Coal Mining History Centre, Virginie Malolepszy Director of Lewarde Coal Mining History Archive Centre France

„Education activity for students at the age of 3 to 18”

Susanne Kähler- University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

“Industrial heritage of Berlin for children and teenagers. Presentation of a new programme”

Georges-Henry Laffont – University of Lyon , Roland Comte President of Alliance Francaise
„Industrial heritage on photography : The first results of pedagogical experience in the municipality of Rive de Gier”

Wioletta Sobieraj – Deputy Director of Museum of Nature and Technology Ecomuseum in Starachowice

„Education at Museum of Nature and Technology Ecomuseum in Starachowice-aims, tools, results”

Małgorzata Buttitta, culture anthropologist, Akademia Pana Wielądko Foundation President, culinary educator at Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów,

“How to build the future from the shreds of the past. Education actions of Akademia Pana Wielądko foundation.”

Michał Poros – Head of GeoEducation Centre,
“From a quarry to Geopark- use of local geological and mining heritage at education and geological tourism”

13.45-14:00 Conference Wrap-up session

14:00-15:00 Lunch

15.30-17:30 sightseeing of Queen Louise (Królowa Luiza) Adit.

Take part

Place of the Conference

Queen Louise Adit – Chain Bath

ul. Wolności 410
41-800 Zabrze

Conference organiser:

City of Zabrze

The dates of the Conference:

godz. 9:00–15:15

(conference materials will be given at the reception desk from 8:30 a.m.)

12.04.2019 r.
godz. 12:00–14:00